Parent References

August 2002

My two sons have been taking lessons from Joe for 7 years now.

They both have progressed significantly well.  In fact one of them is going to university majoring in music.  Joe has helped with the required audition material, including a demo tape that has successfully opened doors.  During this time, Joe has been an incredibly patient and motivational instructor, who has been instrumental in both of my sons' development.  Joe is a highly skilled musician, who's extraordinary talent reflects on all that he teaches.

I highly recommend Joe as both a bass and guitar teacher.

Yours truly,

Noel Baxter
Milton, ON

August 2002

My son Eric took lessons from Joe for over 4 years and we were very pleased with the quality of the instructions that Joe provided.  He was patient and understanding and encouraged Eric to develop his skills as a bass player.  Eric has since performed publicly and has been very grateful for the support that Joe exhibited.

Michael & Marsha Beaver,
Milton, Ontario


April 2003

I am a parent of a 19 year old daughter, who has been taking guitar
lessons from Joe Orlando for about four years now.  She had no previous
guitar skills, having played piano for about eight years.  When she decided
to change to learning guitar, one of her friends suggested she contact Joe
to be her teacher because he liked Joe's lessons.

    I have watched and listened to my daughter evolve in her guitar skills
in just a short period of time.  She had started with electric, then
acoustic lessons at our home.  Joe has given her a passion and appreciation
for the guitar.  He is extremely professional, talented and is punctual with
the lesson appointments.

    I highly recommend Joe to any current or aspiring student.

R. Dodorico
Oakville, Ontario